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Moments of GENIUS

These moments always catch us by surprise.  Sometimes they find us in the shower, in the car on the way to work, or even just simply waiting in line at the supermarket. Brainstorming is certainly part of the process, but Stroke of Genius finds its groove in the most unexpected places. We thrive when faced with a challenge and perform best when imagination and risk- tasking are embraced. 

History of Shopping .png


The History of Shopping

When you need to educate your audience on how the sharing economy fits into their lifestyle and what the future of shopping looks like, you produce a documentary. Because if Netflix found a way to make documentaries must-see TV, then so could we. The campaign included an exclusive press event to launch the short documentary in NYC.

View the documentary created for Gwynnie Bee rental subscription service


The ReProposal

Love and marriage go together like rolling eyes and gaging noises.  Amirite?  So, we had some fun on behalf of other’s misfortunes and used the opportunity to normalize realistic expectations about popping the question.  Cracking open the “real life vs Instagram” trend before it was a thing, we got playful, creating a campaign that engaged the cynic and romantic alike. 


View The ReProposal Campaign & Contest



Victory Hotel Partners

Launch a hotel investment company during a pandemic?  No problem, just position them as the knights in shining armor ready to save the day. 


View the Victory Hotel Partners branding and website design

Image by Patrick Fore

Let's Get Genius Together

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