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Without giving away a ladies age, Roxanne Rabasco Mount has spent over 20 years strategically building her career as a versatile integrated Marketing and Communications professional. She realized early in her career that it would benefit her to accumulate experience in every facet of her field, evolving as the landscape continued to quickly change.  Having the benefit of starting out when traditional strategies were still being employed, she has a working understanding and even an appreciation for those “relics” and was able to learn how to implement and execute all of the new emerging media on the job.

She gets the past, present and future of the industry. 

Hating to admit it, she has an irrational fear of not being relevant, and so she does all she can to be in the know for her clients which does mean she knows how to use TikTok, in case you were worried.  She has become the resident Bumble banterer for her single friends- taking over their accounts so she can ghost write witty one-liners and come-backs for them, all pro bono, of course. She is that good of a friend. Her husband, who happens to be a CEO, utilizes her expertise to write mostly all of his correspondence and has no knowledge of the former services she provides her friends.  That'll be our little secret.  



They say Einstein never considered himself a genius but as a curious kid trying to understand the world around him.  Roxanne doesn’t claim the Theory of Relativity for her portfolio of ideas, but she is wildly curious and has helped remove the stigma from renting clothes, has given perfume a personality, managed to make love and marriage a little less cringe-worthy, was an integral part of two brand launches for Starwood Hotels, and found a way to turn corporate conferences into profitable social soirees!    All of that she can claim. 

Roxanne is a native NY’er, who’s now a much calmer Coloradan.  So, she’s got the NYC street cred, without the attitude. 

She is extremely  excited to build her team as their client roster grows.  

For greater illustration of her professional resume, you can pop over to her LinkedIn

"The pandemic forced me to take stock of a lifetime of career highs, and I realized quickly I could be so much more valuable to Corporate America from the outside, hence the birth of Stroke of Genius Co."  




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